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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Meditate, posted on Thu Feb 25 14:07:49 2021
Posted by: Aristophanes
Category: Guilds
Meditation is now available as a stand alone command away from high altars. Although meditating to remove your divine protection is now available for use anywhere, other techniques still require the use of a high altar.

Anyone can learn the command from a temple instructor, even atheists or witches and wizards. In order for such individuals to learn the command, they will need to find an instructor that they can reach without worshipping a deity - probably either the Pishe instructor in the temple complex in Bes Pelargic or the Hat instructor in Slippery Hollow.

There is a guild level requirement. If you can't learn it, you don't have a high enough guild level.



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