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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Changes To PK, posted on Wed Dec 23 15:04:35 2020
Posted by: Pit
Category: General
(The information in this blog post has largely been posted to the boards before,

but since the boards scroll fast we replicate it here.)

Hello everyone!

After many discussions we have decided to make some significant changes to the

way Playerkilling works in Discworld.

Most importantly at this moment:

* Assassins and wizards of the last order no longer have a PK requirement.

* Everyone is free to stop being PK using the command "clan leave".

However, if you do so you will not be allowed to rejoin unless explicitly

invited by the leader (see below).

* Liaisons will no longer mediate in PK conflicts. Instead, an election has

been started that allows PKs to elect a leader. The leader has the power to

remove people's PK status, and to invite players who previously left or were

removed back in. (Invited players still have the choice whether to join or


* The "clan" command can be used for leaving, joining, inviting, disbarring and

participating in the election.

We understand that this will be a major change, and we are keeping an eye on

how things progress, and on the election being run in a fair way.

These changes are actually part of a larger change we are working on in the way

Playerkiller status works in the game. Below, I will explain the new

philosophy. Please note that this is work in progress, but you will already

see references to the new system in the game as commands are being updated.


The core of the change is that we are replacing the former "Playerkiller flag"

by a system of clans. In principle, the idea behind this system is as follows:

* a "clan" is essentially just a collection of players with a name (like a club)

* a player can be a member of any number of clans

* if two players are a member of the same clan, then they can have PK

interactions (e.g, killing, stealing, inhuming) with each other

* clans can have different policies for who can join, and for leadership

At this time, there is one permanent clan (the Playerkillers clan), with an

elected leader and an open invitation policy (anyone who is old enough can

join without invitation unless they have previously left the clan). In

addition, a clan is created for each Capture The Flag game and for the Roary

Pig event (and disbanded afterwards). In the future, we intend to allow

players to create their own temporary clans for player-run events such as

the PK league or more raucous weddings.

To support this new system, you may notice the following smaller changes:

* options colour playerkiller now colours people that you can PK interact

with; this means that for people who are not in any clan, it does nothing

* "who killers" now also refers to the people that you can PK interact


* "who <clanname>" shows the members of a specific clan; in particular, "who

playerkillers" shows the members of the Playerkillers clan (so what "who

killers" used to do).


P.S. Yes, we realise that the word "clan" is poorly chosen. This will likely

be changed in the future, but no good alternative has yet presented itself.



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