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A Question Of Language, posted on Wed Mar 18 03:44:42 2009
Posted by: Jewels
Category: Klatch (domain pages)
Djelian locals are now confirming rumours that a questionable quest has been removed from the local region. A high priest heard from a low priest who heard from a shopkeeper who heard from a customer who had heard from her daughter who had heard from her friend who had heard from her boyfriend who heard from his well travelled uncle about his recent encounter with the local language teacher. Apparently the teacher, formerly known for taking a huge interest in multilingual persons was only willing to acknowledge his obvious mastery of so many foreign languages but without his usual enthusiasm. The story is that his whole experience was questionably lackluster.

Why oh why? In the words of an old Djelian parable as found on a scroll from the tomb of a dead pharoah "what one has already achieved should not continue to be quested after."



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