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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Slippery Hollow Welcomes Careful Tourists, posted on Sun Oct 30 15:27:31 2016
Posted by: Cordwangle
Category: Ram (domain pages)
Many have heard of the headless horse rider and most have wondered how the reins are attached, but few have met this terrifying foe and lived! Upon his arrival a burst of magical energy blighted both crops and livestock, making farming in the village of Slippery Hollow all but impossible.

Inviting tourists to the site of an ongoing murderous rampage is not without risks, but the rider and his headless horse are a unique feature and we must embrace tourism as a new source of revenue now that farming has failed.

For the brave/foolish:

The Ankh-Morpork City Watch has kindly sent an investigator. If you wish to defeat the rider then please aid the investigation rather than stupidly wading into combat. Reckless actions may cost you your head!

For the careful/wise:

The rider rarely ventures indoors unless determined or angered.

Avoid the dark. He arrives after sunset and departs soon after dawn.

He rarely pursues, so please, just run away!

For all of our visitors:

Explore the bustling tourist market. Buy food, souvenirs and farmyard pets.

Learn to cut gems and incorporate then into jewellery that is as lovely as you are skilful.

Hone your archery skill for big cash prizes while helping to watch our borders.

Enjoy fine dining and lively debate at our cosy pub.

Explore our vacant houses, ready for when they become available to rent very soon.

Gingerbread recipes that will surprise you (please read the warning sign).

Will you be skilled enough to win prizes at the fairground?

Not one, but two haunted houses to tour.

The Discwide Angling and Fishing Trust – currently closed for renovation but we hope that it will reopen at some point.

Two new board games to buy.

All this and more awaits you!

On behalf of Slippery Hollow I hope that you enjoy and survive your visit.


Magistrate Flathead



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