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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Broadening The Mind, posted on Fri Dec 25 19:18:32 2015
Posted by: Aristophanes
Category: Special
A new means of single-player transportation has been put into game on this rainy (for me, at least) Christmas day.

There are travel agencies in Ankh-Morpork, Djelibeybi, Ephebe, Bes Pelargic, Ohulan Cutash, and Genua.

Each agency transports you in a thematically different way, and most have quirky - and hopefully fun -features beyond the actual transportation functionality.

Typing ‘help here’ in the room should give you all the assistance you need to use them.

A few warnings, though:

1) They only transport one player at a time. If other players (in a group, for example) wish to go to the same location, they will have to request transport from the NPC when the first player has been sent on their way.

2) They cost money - and more money than players usually charge for arcane transportation - though newbies do get a discount for a certain number of trips.

3) They are not instant, and take a short amount of time to actually transport you.

4) As they only transport one player at a time, there may at times be a queue to use their services. Note that there is not a hard-coded queue as there is for Nella’s vault.

5) You need to speak their native language to a reasonable proficiency to use them, and you also need to be speaking the correct language when you attempt to interact with them too.



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