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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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XP Theft, posted on Sun Dec 6 12:57:50 2015
Posted by: Pit
Category: Mudlib
By popular request, death and burial XP will no longer be shared by people who are not in or near the room when an NPC dies. Here, "near" means at most one room away.

What this means is that if someone runs through an area with aggressive NPCs, and the NPCs are later killed by other players, the runner will not be given XP (and the group will not lose XP for it). It also means that if you walk out of a room to reshield or heal while your groupmates continue to fight, you should ideally avoid going more than one room.

This change is meant as a simple correction to avoid accidental "XP Theft". Since it may turn out to affect some players' hunting styles more than intended, this change is a one-week trial. If, after trying it out for a few hours/days, you absolutely hate it, or if you think it's awesome, or if you find problems with it, please do let me know. :)




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