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Guild Office Storage, posted on Tue Sep 23 15:09:40 2014
Posted by: Aristophanes
Category: Guilds
Admin offices in most guilds come with wardrobes or cabinets that the occupiers can use as storage.

Some of these (Thieves, Hashishim, Conlegium Sicariorum, Mano Rossa) previously allowed you to inadvertently lose your stored possessions if you were to resign from your position, or otherwise be removed, before you had the chance to retrieve your belongings.

This has now been changed somewhat - if you are removed from your position (and therefore lose access to your office and storage) before you have the chance to retrieve your belongings, you will be able to retrieve them by negotiating with your successor.

I repeat: Anything you leave in your office wardrobe/cabinet can be accessed by your successor when they are appointed. If you want your belongings back you will need to negotiate with them.



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