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Absolutist Relativism In A Thaumotological Environment., posted on Thu Jan 16 21:15:32 2014
Posted by: Aristophanes
Category: Guilds
The wizard spells Narglfrob's Empyrean Spear, Journey of the Heavenly Storm Dragon, and Doctor Kelleflump's Deadly Demon have had their damage feedback changed.

Whereas previously they gave messages based upon absolute ranges of damage - 500-1000 HP, or 300-500 HP, for instance - they now give messages based upon the percentage of total HP the caster has removed from their victims.

This means that while you might manage to gain the highest damage message when casting NES on a rat (because that NPC has very few hitpoints), you could get a lower message on an NPC with more hitpoints.

The actual damage from these spells has not been changed at all.



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