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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Miscellaneous Clothes Bugfixes, posted on Mon Feb 16 01:08:50 2009
Posted by: Touchstone
Category: Special
Sadly, the Special blog isn't about cool and unusual things like player shops and horses and custom secret volcano hideaways (well, unless we have a fit of inspiration and write any) - I'm just going to use it for "things that don't fit neatly into any other domain".

In this case, it's a pile of small changes to clothes - or, at least, explanations for things you might notice and be confused by.

* The thwabs from NPCs wandering around in Djelibeybi are now thobes. This is because 'thobe' is a better representation of the Arabic. You can still refer to them as thwabs, though, so your looting aliases may still work! The associated guttrahs aren't nearly as over-valuable as they were, though.

* Silk desert cloaks no longer swing wildly between too warm and too cooling. They'll now just stop having any warming effect when it gets unusually warm in the room.

* You can no longer wear pig-faced bascinets at the same time as another helmet. That was just silly. Sorry.

* Some belts are now wearable over robes, chainmail hauberks, and so on, but still under cloaks. I haven't yet finished deciding which ones should be which, so wait a week or two before you rep saying that a particular one should or shouldn't be.

* If you wear sandals, congratulations - you can now see your stockings, toe rings, or even socks through them, instead of having them covered up.

* If you're wearing socks without shoes, and a long dress or a pair of trousers, everyone will now be able to see said socks. And the holes in them. Put some shoes on!

* Flowing silk kaftans will no longer disappear when you put on a helmet. They'll also play nicely with hats, which they didn't before.

* Some things will go over or under other things in slightly different ways from how you've been used to. It shouldn't affect any armour, apart from the aforementioned pig-faced bascinet. Also...

* If the exigencies of personal protection require you to wear a steel collar (or similar piece of hardware) then you can now cover it up with a stylish scarf.

Have fun!



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