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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Tweaks To Salesman Mission In Ohulan-Cutash, posted on Tue Oct 16 19:48:24 2012
Posted by: Thorgal
Category: Ram (domain pages)
Several changes have been made to the Salesman mission in Ohulan-Cutash:

- The necessary skill bonuses for the different mission variations have been lowered.

- It is now possible to sell several items to the same NPC in a row. However, the required skill bonus will be increased slightly with each attempt. This is tracked per player, so different players should no longer interfere with each other's sales.

- The time to complete the mission has been increased slightly.

- The amount of time an NPC will remember having purchased something from a specific player has been decreased significantly.

- A help file has been added to the general store shopkeeper, J. Smyttles, offering help with different aspects of the Salesman mission.

I want to offer a big thanks to all players and playtesters who have reported these issues and offered advice on how to tweak this mission in order to make it more enjoyable.

Feel free to keep sending in those idea reports! They make me happy!




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