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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Spell Changes, posted on Sat May 16 20:13:03 2009
Posted by: Touchstone
Category: Guilds
Some changes to spells:

There was a bug whereby spells wouldn't use up their reagents if you were wearing them, but would still work. Now they'll neither use them up nor work (it will give the same failure message as it does when you use something you're keeping).

Doctor Kelleflump's Deadly Demon no longer requires you to be evil to cast it. The same spell sometimes backfires even when you succeed; your demonological amulet will now protect you from that, if worn.

Narquin's Mist of Doom can now be cast using any sharp/piercing knife, on the basis that even if it doesn't have a long enough edge to make slashing attacks you can still slice open a cooperative target.

Wungle's Great Sucking can no longer be cast on targets who do not have a heart.

The fireflies summoned by Hag's Blessing are now slightly less lethal when attacked accidentally.

In other news, Master Brimstone (in the Sto Lat Academy of Artificers) has been persuaded to relax his restrictions on how quickly you can use his recharging alcove again. Gaelen can be extremely persuasive.

Have fun!

- Touchstone



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