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Why Is This Loon Still Blogging About Parrying?, posted on Fri Feb 23 15:04:35 2024
Posted by: Kadath
Category: General
In addition to the adjustments that were discussed in previous blog posts, an additional, separate issue was found that related to parrying some ranged attacks (particularly those involving smaller projectiles).

An additional (and hopefully final) change has now been made that should make a far more noticeable difference to parry users defending against small projectiles. This change should mean that your choice of "tactics response" should always be used when defending against ranged attacks. Please note that if you are a parry user who was accustomed to having dodge kick in as a sort of 'backup' defence against projectiles, this will no longer occur. On the plus side, your *actual* primary defence should work far better than it did previously. You may wish to exercise some caution while you evaluate how the change affects your specific setup. The expectation is that this will be beneficial to the vast majority of parry users.

Many thanks to the PTs for their help with nailing down this issue and for testing the fix.

Good luck!



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