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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Scroll Right To The End., posted on Sat Jun 10 09:16:58 2023
Posted by: Fran
Category: Web
I've fixed a bug in the DecafMUD client (accessible with the Play Now link) that was preventing the automatic scrolling from working in some browsers.


Visualising The Good And The Bad, posted on Wed May 31 07:33:55 2023
Posted by: Fran
Category: Web
For creators: I have updated the bug statistics graphs page so it works once again.

For players: I have made the creator bug graphs available to everyone so the curious can now see how many bugs we fix, how many bug reports players make and more! Check out the Bug graphs link in the Creating menu to load it up.



Website Woes, posted on Sat Oct 17 17:29:48 2015
Posted by: Borealis
Category: Web
Whilst poking at some stuff related to web blogging last night, myself and a couple of other creators managed to create a reproducible occurrence of the "wrong username on the website" error.

Following up on that today, I think (fingers crossed) that I may have eliminated one of the causes of this error. However, there may have been other causes, and I can't be certain that the change I made has resolved any of them. If you do notice these errors over the next few days it would be helpful if you...

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Moar Data, posted on Fri Oct 16 16:11:32 2015
Posted by: Borealis
Category: Web
Creators can now blog bugfixes directly from the web interface to the error handler.

Playerlinks Updated, posted on Sat Mar 14 20:54:26 2015
Posted by: Borealis
Category: Web
The playerlinks code has undergone a revamp.

Firstly, we've changed the link validation code so that a few valid pages that the old code was unable to validate will now be validated.

Secondly, you can apply a tag to a link. This tag can be one of: General, Crafts, Assassins, Priests, Thieves, Warriors, Witches and Wizards; and the display of links can be filtered by the tag.

All links have been tagges as 'General' initially, so you may want to go to the playerlinks page, scroll to the bottom a...

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Website Changes, posted on Sun Nov 6 11:57:04 2011
Posted by: Pit
Category: Web
The website has seen some internal changes. Most users should not

notice much of this, but we hope it has increased accessibility.

If the website behaves strangely for you, try to close your browser

and/or clear your cache. If it still behaves strangely, please

bugreport the issue!

P.S. We are aware of the "seemingly logged in as a different user"

bug, and are still looking for the cause. If you can find a

reproducable way to trigger this bug, we would like to know about it!

Council Case Base, posted on Sun May 29 13:32:52 2011
Posted by: Taffyd
Category: Web
You can now view open cases, recently closed and closed cases for each Council area through the web site. This has been around for a while but I forgot to link it into the main Council page. Oops! (Thanks Asha for reminding me).


Numpad Walking, posted on Wed Mar 23 13:56:05 2011
Posted by: Pit
Category: Web
Decafmud[1] now supports numpad walking.

If you were previously using decafmud without problems, and suddenly

it starts acting weird, you can turn it off via the Options -> Macros


[1] the client you get when you press the Play Now link no the website[2]

[2] unless you're using internet explorer 6 or 7

[3] and tell Pit about it so it can be fixed!

Electoral Rolls, posted on Thu Mar 19 12:06:08 2009
Posted by: Taffyd
Category: General, Council and Web
I've added the ability to view the electoral rolls through the Player Council web pages. These numbers are fairly close to "real time", but please note that the roster may include inactive, deleted or (possibly) creator/test characters.


About Us, posted on Mon Feb 16 15:53:01 2009
Posted by: Drakkos
Category: Web
I've added an 'about us' link to the web-page, showing when we've been mentioned in external media. If you see any other references to the MUD in somewhere interesting, drop me a line so it can be included:




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