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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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PK Ladder: More Targets!, posted on Thu Apr 30 10:05:45 2009
Posted by: Dasquian
Category: Playerkillers
A quick change: for every 10 ranks below the top ten, you'll get an extra target. So four targets for ranks 11-20, five for 21-30, and so on. This is to keep things more fluid in the lower end of the ladder while keeping things competitive higher up.


Ladder Refinements, posted on Sun Apr 26 00:18:25 2009
Posted by: Dasquian
Category: Playerkillers
A few tweaks to improve your PK ladder experience:

1) Being offline for more than 7 days flags you as being "inactive". Inactive people will show up on the ladder view in cyan, with [inactive] by their name.

2) Inactive people are not counted as possible targets. Therefore your three targets will be the three people ahead of you in the list, skipping over any inactives.

3) Every 24 hours, all inactive players will drop one rank until they fall off the bottom of the ladder. This means it's...

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LADDER, posted on Wed Apr 8 00:42:16 2009
Posted by: Dasquian
Category: Playerkillers
The idea of a PK ladder caught my interest, so I coded it. You can find all of the relevant commands through "syntax killers", and you can advance by killing any of the three people above you in the list. Enjoy!



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