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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Empiricist, posted on Mon Jun 13 09:24:22 2022
Posted by: Kake
Category: Guilds
Weighing balances are now available in the laboratories at all specialisations of the Assassins' Guild.

Mazda Needs Money, posted on Tue Apr 12 16:07:06 2022
Posted by: Kake
Category: Guilds
Dear thieves,

A couple of achievements have been adjusted to make them be more about persistent acts of thievery and less about staying logged in for unhealthy amounts of time. Specifically, the requirement for reaching the top of the leaderboard a number of times has been removed from Thief Extraordinaire and Mazda's Hero. Instead, they now require you to pay A$96000 and A$256000 towards your quota.

If you have already reached one or both of these totals but "ach details <achievement>" s...

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Crone Corrections, Cat Conniptions And Consecutive Collisions, posted on Mon Apr 4 15:25:25 2022
Posted by: Kadath
Category: Guilds
This weekend, your wonderful creator team sifted through a variety of bug and idea reports relating to the Witches' Guild and have made the following changes and improvements:


- Holding a broom when finding yourself high up in the air will now only land witches safely; everyone else can expect a hard landing.

- Attempting a disallowed command while flying on a broomstick will now inform other players in the air room of your poor choices.

- Some incorrect broom landing message...

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Synchronize Your Dogmas, posted on Mon Mar 21 17:18:34 2022
Posted by: Kake
Category: Guilds
The ritual "detect alignment" is now granted to priests of all player-worshippable deities, and the skill requirement for learning it has been standardised between them.

Paint Me Like One Of Your Quirmian Warriors, posted on Sun Mar 20 15:17:14 2022
Posted by: Feanor
Category: Guilds
We've added three new achievements for warriors, all relating to warpaint:

- Cubist

- Warholistic

- The Art of War

Your paint committee,

Ugke, Ugstern and Ugnor

Inhumation By Beheading, posted on Sun Mar 20 14:43:39 2022
Posted by: Guildenstern
Category: Guilds
Attention, all Hashishim! You can now inhume people by beheading with a greater variety of swords than before.

Previously, any weapon that used the fighting.melee.sword skill and had the slice command would work. This is still the case, but now also all the swords that are Hashishim cultural weapons will also work - any scimitar, shamshir, sabre, kora, or khopesh - whatever their fighting commands.

Inhuming weapons use their normal fighting.melee.* skill - eg. a kora inhumes using the sword...

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March Of The Warriors, posted on Mon Mar 7 19:15:13 2022
Posted by: Kadath
Category: Guilds
The Warriors Guild are marching into March with a variety of bugfixes, items, weapons, achievements and more. Details of the most noteworthy changes are as follows:

- Beheads that lead to a head hitting you in the face and covering you in blood will now actually cover you in blood.

- The berserking messages about attacking thin air now take account of whether you're holding weapons and/or shields. You will also occasionally push NPCs over, just for the fun of it.

- Three new iai-related ...

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Nicolette's Cravats, posted on Tue Mar 1 19:06:26 2022
Posted by: Guildenstern
Category: Guilds
Are now tieable and stick-pins-innable just like other cravats. Unfortunately, because of the nature of the code, previously existing ones won't be affected - if you want to be fashionable you'll need to order a new one, sorry!

Witches, Drink And Song!, posted on Mon Jan 17 15:34:34 2022
Posted by: Fran
Category: Guilds
I've fixed two bugs in the hedgehog command:

* Hidden NPCs and players who can't resist the music will now come out of hiding when dancing.

* The punishment for singing the hedgehog song in Ankh-Morpork is fixed. You will now be contracted if you ignore the warnings given by the Musicians' Guild enforcers.



Divine Tolerance Thresholds Increased, posted on Tue Jan 11 15:04:50 2022
Posted by: Pit
Category: Guilds
After a meeting on Cori Celesti, Gapp, Sandelfon, Fish and Hat have decided to be a bit more tolerant of their followers' shifts in alignment.

Hence, priests of these gods should now find it a bit easier to stay in your gods' good graces!

The score align command now reflects the new status quo more accurately.



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