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Welcome to Discworld, the land where frogs croak twice.

Discworld MUD is a MUD based on the wholly sane world of Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels. We have been running since December 1991. Discworld includes so many wonderful features that listing them here would take too long, so instead I will list a couple of highlights. We have a good multiple object based command handling system, liquids can be mixed, poured, drunk, dipped and generally made fools of. We have thieves, assassins, witches, fighters, priests (of various persuaisons) and wizards guilds. The system is completely skills based and of course, quite wonderful. Skills go up magically as you use them making them flamboyant and extravagant.

You breath will shoot out of your body at the breathtakingness of the descriptions, your mind will wander to new heights when you stare at the amazing things you can do. Your brain will boggle and your ears will flutter at the quests that you will find.

Come boggle, flutter and gasp: Play Discworld. 4242

Run by a bunch of admins with some associated admin experience:

May the frogs never follow you home and break your windows,