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Discworld will officaly be opening for player on Saturday May the 9th at 12:00 (midnight) GMT. Using its own incredibly advanced mudlib, it is truly the finest invention since the combination yogurt squirter and turnip twaddler. It mooshes! It squooshes! And that's not all...

Many other insane features that sounded good at the time (but I have forgoten and there just isnt enough room to mention). Come and take a look. You will not regret it, garanteed, or your money back.

Some other buzz words, bee, fly, V-2, not at all well car.

See you there!
Bings from the gods Beastian the always idle and Eskarina the sick at the moment.

Special wombles from
Zoroaster (the hairy?), Pinkfish the gasping and Furball the well furry.

PS Please note the absense of a very silly header thing.

Ha! Bet you thought we forgot the address? We almost did, here it is 4242