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No MUD runs itself, certainly not one the size and shape of the Discworld MUD. Discworld MUD is a meritocracy - that is, the better the work you do (and in our case, the longer you hang around looking busy), the more projects you'll work on and the farther up the tree you'll advance.

At the top, we have a few dedicated individuals that head up the whole hierarchy:

Favourite expression: Don't explode!
Birthplace: Perth, Australia
Currently lives in: Seattle, Washington, US
First logged on: Monday, 30 December 1991 05:50:00
Favourite Discworld Novel: Mort and Guards! Guards!
First read a Discworld Book: Mort (circa 1990)
First project: writing 'move' (used whenever an object changes its location). Move is part of the mudlib.
On starting the MUD: "I had been playing muds for a while before I started the mud. A couple of years. The restrictions on LPmuds at the time frustrated me and I thought I could do a lot better job. So I started a mud to do so, with some of my friends. The reason for the Discworld theme was actually that someone else wanted to make a discworld mud and they had a machine..."
Motto: Don't put off for tomorrow what you can put off until next week.
Birthplace: Brisbane, Australia
Currently Lives in: Sydney, Australia
First logged on: Friday, 14 Nov 1997 20:41:40
Favourite Character: Death followed by the Vampire photographer from The Truth
First read a Discworld Book: Colour of Magic (circa 1994)
First project on the MUD: working on Sto Helit in Sur with Skypti as project leader from January - June 1998 (still not in the game)
Motto: I am not a frog, I'm a free womble!
Birthplace: Bristol, England
Currently Lives in: Bristol, England
First logged on: Saturday, 14 November 1992 01:30:56
First read a Discworld Book: Colour of Magic (circa 1984)
Favourite Character: the Luggage
First project on the MUD: Soyin's Temple, Ramtops January 1993
Administrative speciality: Balancing and strategising the guilds domain, server administration, hardware, and general people pushing.
Favourite expression: What does that button do?
Birthplace: Heerenveen, the Netherlands
Currently lives in: Kidderminster, UK
First logged on: Thursday, 30 September 1993 03:51:49
First read a Discworld Book: Colour of Magic (circa 1995)
Favourite Character: Om
First project on the MUD: Fixing bugs, AM December 1993
Administrative speciality: Driver maintenance, (driver related) mudlib development, volunteering other people to do stuff.
Favourite animal: Irish Setter
Birthplace: Gloucester, UK
Currently lives in: London, UK
First logged on: Mid-2002 - my first alt was an Assassin
First read a DW Book: Wyrd Sisters, 1998
Favorite Pratchettism: "It could be worse. There could be snakes in here with us."
First project on the MUD: Hippopotami and Piety Walk in Djelibeybi
Favourite Mudmeet Hobby: tapping everyone on the nose while saying toot
Birthplace: Tilburg, Netherlands
Currently lives in: Nijmegen, Netherlands
First logged on: Fri Jul 9 09:42:06 2004
First read a DW Book: Mort (autumn 2004)
Favourite Character: Death
First job on the MUD: liaison (January 2007 - now)
First project on the MUD: Pumpkin Town (March 2007 - May 2008)
Administrative speciality: Prodding the code all over the place!