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The Rules and How to Avoid Breaking Them
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(Answer) Can I have more than one character?
(Answer) My friend doesn't use his character anymore, can I have it?
(Answer) My friend and I want to play from a network, but we can't both login, what should I do?
(Answer) Can two people use the same computer?
(Answer) Can I leave my character on overnight to level up?
(Answer) Can I get my computer to automatically recast my shields?
(Answer) I'm trying to get TM's, can I write an alias to do it over and over so I don't have to type it?
(Answer) Why did that person just tell me off for swearing on a talker channel?
(Answer) I need to refresh, can I keep the equipment I have now?
(Answer) Someone stole the money from the beggar I killed, how can I get it back?

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