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So You've Left the Newbie Area, What Happens Next

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(Answer) I just got out of the newbie area, where do I go now?
(Answer) Which guild is the best?
(Answer) How do I join that guild?
(Answer) I've run out of money, how can I make more?
(Answer) Where's the best place for newbies to fight?
(Answer) Where can I find a guild?
(Answer) Does anyone want to group with me?
(Answer) How do I advance my skills?
(Answer) How do I teach/learn things to/from other players?
(Answer) Where can I sell stuff?
(Answer) Are there jobs that we can do?
(Answer) How can I find quests?
(Answer) How do I equip weapons/clothes/armour?
(Answer) When I try to sell one of my shirts it says that there are more than one. How can I sell a specific item?
(Answer) How can I easily distinguish between my two daggers/scabbards/etc.?

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