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You and Your Character
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Answers in this category:
(Answer) How can I set my name and email address?
(Answer) How do I set a project and plan?
(Answer) How do I get a fancy description like this other player has?
(Answer) What specific bits of my character can I describe?
(Answer) How do I stop being a 'Strapping young human lad/lass'?
(Answer) How do I set myself to be 'leaning against the wall' like this other person?
(Answer) How can I make the room see things that I am doing? Or other friends outside of the room?
(Answer) What are souls?
(Answer) Can you roleplay here?
(Answer) Some of these commands are really long, is there a way to make it easier/quicker?
(Answer) How can I see when my friends login and out?

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