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Death and Associated Pain
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Answers in this category:
(Answer) Help, I'm dead! What do I do now?
(Answer) What happens to all my items when I die? Can I get them back?
(Answer) I cannot get to my corpse. What do I do?
(Answer) How can I heal myself when I'm injured so this doesn't happen again?
(Answer) How can I check how close I am to dying/check my health/combat status?
(Answer) How can I let other people take things from my corpse?
(Answer) How many times can I die? Can I buy new lives?
(Answer) I fell in a river and now I cannot find my stuff.
(Answer) My stats have dropped and I keep doubling over in pain and vomiting. Am I ill?
(Answer) What is burden? It says I am too burdened to take something.

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