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chastity belt

Discworld player help

chastity belt


chastity_belt - protects your chastity


wear <belt>
close <belt>
lock <belt>
unlock <belt>
open <belt>
remove <belt>
ask <player> to {unlock|pick} <chastity belt>
withdraw invitation {to|from} <player>
unlock <player> chastity belt
pick <player> chastity belt


A chastity belt is a BDSM toy used for temporarily putting a lock on someone's genitals (both male and female designs exist), preventing sex and masturbation. It can also be worn as a fashionably metallic piece of underwear.

If you don't have the key, you can ask someone to pick your belt for you. If the player you ask happens to have the key, they can simply unlock the belt; otherwise, they can attempt to pick it. Alternatively, you can pick it yourself, but this is much harder.

Unlocking a chastity belt without a key uses covert.lockpick.doors. Leather chastity belts are the easiest to pick, followed by silver, crystal, and steel in that order.


> wear belt
The steel chastity belt hangs loosely around your waist.
You wear a steel chastity belt.
> lock belt
Before locking your steel chastity belt, you first tighten the straps and fasten it closed around your waist.
You click shut the lock on your steel chastity belt.
> remove belt
The steel chastity belt is locked around your waist.
You cannot remove the steel chastity belt.
> panic
You run around in circles, flail your arms and panic.
> ask Capita to unlock belt
You ask Capita to unlock a steel chastity belt.
Capita shakes her head.


While chastity belts allegedly existed in medieval times, they were merely a myth, only depicted in paintings, that then became a metaphor for the idea of chastity itself.

Later on, several historical specimens were made - long after the Middle Ages ended - as novelties or curiosities.

Modern chastity belts are real and much more practical, being made out of lightweight materials and fitted properly with slots for bodily functions and hygiene.

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