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Posted at Mon Apr 1 Title: New guild in play!


As we said earlier today (but for some reason many people wouldn't believe us**), a new player-joinable guild has been added. The guild of Fools, Joculators and Clowns has opened its doors, and will continue to remain open after today. :)

For some disclaimers... This guild is not meant as a guild for the serious players. Fools have their own primaries and commands, but we do not particularly care whether they will have abilities on par with other guilds. Their only unique command is juggle, and that is not likely to change in the near future, or ever. Please be aware that any complaints about the guild being underpowered will be met with the kind of awkward this-is-not-really-funny laughter that Fools should expect as part of their daily lives. That being said, we hope it will be an interesting choice for roleplayers. :)

Your friendly creator team.

** the reason might have been related to us hiding the entrance to the room where players could actually join
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